About Metric Creative.

A branding, graphic, web & product design company.

Our aim is to provide you with the very best in design services that can help you to solve complex problems and achieve your business goals no matter what industry you operate in. Our success is therefore dependent on your lasting, profitable success.

Due to the fact our success relies on the continued success of our customers, we are always open to suggestions about how we can create better solutions that help solve your most pressing problems that will allow your business to thrive.

Metric Creative was founded under the guidance of two principles:

1. Use research and data driven design to supercharge clients businesses and engage their customers.

2. Provide our customers with insight on how they can improve their business activities particularly in utilising design.

We see design as more than just a flashy logo or well crafted business card. Any work we produce for you will be backed up with research and market insight to support the work and also provide information on how this research could improve other areas of your business when appropriate.

Alex Dresch

Founder – Print & web design specialist.

Alex is senior designer and co-founder of Metric Creative. He has spent the last six years using his extensive design skills and knowledge to help UK and overseas based clients achieve their goals by maximising the effectiveness of their design strategies.

He takes pleasure in using design to solve problems and to create meaningful brand identities, products, stories, interactions and realities for intelligent businesses and their customers. Alex holds an MDes in Product Design from Coventry University. 

Ben Tayton

Founder – Graphic design & branding specialist.

Ben is senior designer and co-founder of Metric Creative. Over the last 6 years Ben has worked for multiple design agencies at home and abroad on projects covering product design, branding, graphic design and illustration.

He particularly enjoys using design to effectively tell the ‘brand story’ and help customers choose one brand over another to give businesses a competitive advantage. Ben holds a BA in Product Design from Coventry University.

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